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Abe Mathabe

I was born in an informal settlement called Pimville. I am the fourth of eight siblings. When I was a few months old, my parents were allocated a house in the far west of Soweto, Naledi and educated there. 


My artistic ability started at a very young age due to my poor background, I had to make toys using materials like clay, paper, sticks, tins, grass and wire.  My drawing skill was noticed by one of my grade four teachers and I had my first commission artwork for her – I earned 20 cents!!!


I also participated in dance and music but decided  to focus and practice art on a full time basis.  I qualified as a graphic designer after being sponsored to study at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and thereafter, worked and studied for another three years at the Artist Proof studios in Newtown, Johannesburg.


Have travelled extensively to Cardiff in Wales, Burnie in Tasmania and Amsterdam.

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