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My art is about me and the society. I love people – mostly working on human figures because people inspire me everyday, from the guy selling ice and cigarettes at the robot to the lady who sells ‘amagwinya’ on a busy corner in the cbd. And ofcourse ogogo emakhaya who takes care of fatherless grandchildren.


i started fully focusing on art around 2006 because i have always loved it, and i love theatre and writing, so i decided to start creating my own art which is mostly mixed media and i include some of my writing as well…


the main reason i pursued art is because i discovered while in high schoo,l that people loved my sketches and my writing and they encouraged me to pursue it.  The other thing is, i wanted to make my grandmother proud, because i grew up in a community where if a family was poor, they were not considered in any way.


my dream is to see people happy whether they are rich or poor, and i dream of society full of colour, hence the colours i use in my artworks.


i am proud to say my art does not reflect a sad or bitter artist, but a happy soul full of dreams and aspirations.


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