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Glen Josselsohn


”The way I paint is unique! My Art is a buzz with energy, movement and colour. I enjoy stepping into a meditative state, a state of ‘non-thinking’. It helps me to relax.

Whereas the big commissions are exciting and challenging, my favourite pieces to work on are those around the 2m x 1m, 1.5m x 1.5m dimensions. They are fun and engaging.

My inspiration comes from my travels, visiting local and international galleries, taking photos and exploring and visiting wildlife reserves. I translate my experiences to canvas and paper.

Painting with acrylics is my preferred medium as they dry quicker than oils. I like that I can also create texture and dimension as they can be applied thickly. I enjoy acrylic paint as I am able to able patterns and texture to it.

Why I Love To Paint

I love how my art evolves and takes shapes. I enjoy the freedom and the ability to not have to concentrate intensely while creating a realistic copy.

It fascinates me how people can engage with my art using their imagination to identify and interpret  what the art means to them.

Where realistic art requires the creation to be judged against the item being captured, how close it matches, I love how abstract goes beyond symmetry, that it challenges the boundaries of what can be seen and measured, that it’s different and beyond the norm. That it’s indicative of an original form, represents it and alludes to it, in an indirect descriptive way, whether it’s an image, an object or a person.

Willingly I get into a zone and just do, I get into a flow and can be there for hours enjoying great music as well as creative private time.

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