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Taryn Treisman

Taryn Treisman (b. 1984) lives and works in Johannesburg, south africa. Taryn received two distinctions in art for matric for design and higher grade art, she studied ba marketing communication at the university of johannesburg and design at vega brand school.


Her first job was at the art institute of chicago. Taryn lived in chicago for five years where she collaborated with another american artist, judith joseph in beautiful ketubot, wedding documents. Taryn moved back to south africa with her family and launched her own creative, digital agency called socialbutterfly. She has always loved tech and art and now explores with digital art. She combines vibrant, digital art, acrylic paint on plexiglass in her artwork. Her work mainly consists of portraits that play with abstract pop art, design and graffiti.


Taryn Treisman- taz

Taryn treisman has embraced the digital era, with a modern colorful pop swirl and graffiti or urban art style. She does not conform to straight lines, and believes in organized chaos. She believes we are living in the digital revolution and her artwork is a sign of the times. "My paintings are representative of the world i see around me. I am inspired by pop culture and things that i find interesting. My love of color and sleek look of the perspex is what really makes my artwork stand out. I have always loved fashion and include jackets in some of my artworks such as the leather jacket or gucci silk bomber jackets. My artworks are statement pieces that are a reflection of the experiences i have in my life."


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