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Paul Senyol



I am inspired by the natural and built environments around me, my movements between the two forming the basis of my creative exploration.

My eye catches the details and my mind takes note of these visual stimuli, experiences and memories.  

I then translate these into my works.  

I enjoy things that are often overlooked in our daily lives, things that happen accidentally, certain marks, shapes and forms.  

I often find myself drawn to the outskirts, the margins.  

The everyday people, their conversations, the places, textures and colours all find a new life for themselves in my paintings.  

‘Every Idle Word’ expresses my thoughts and feelings toward the current concrete habitats which we build, and eventually destroy and replace our conversations within these spaces.  

The works are informed by the passer-by, fragments of conversations, the ramble of street scrawlers, typography and graphic elements of hand painted signage, the grit of fresh concrete, the flowers and plants reclaiming their surroundings against all odds.  

Beauty. I want to make beautiful things, and make things beautiful.

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