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Trevor Coleman

Trevor was born in 1936 in Johannesburg.  His works are widely exhibited in South Africa and his paintings can be found in private and corporate collections.


Trevor Coleman visits a different country every year and spends time observing and absorbing the textures, shapes and colours around and gains inspiration for his paintings.  He has traveled to many countries, Asia and Africa, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia and Zanzibar.


He uses a palette knife with oils on canvas to express his ideas.  Once the preparatory sketches were complete and photographed, he return to reflect and recreates experiences from these visual notes.  The result is a collection of abstract depictions of figures and shapes which capture the rhythm of village life.  He likes to explore the quality of the daily life of the people and translates that into the emotional fibre that he captures in his pictures using bold colours.


Coleman’s artistic philosophy is based on a simple premise that the mind seizes upon a geographical location determines, aptly translates his vision and then sets off in a literal and figurative direction.


Trevor is inspired by colours specifically the colours of landscapes, people and art.

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