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Thabo Motseki

Thabo Elton Motseki was born in 1980 in the township called Masilo Theunissen in the Free State. He later moved to Johannesburg due to health reasons and to further his studies. Thabo was involved in an accident at the age of 13, which lead to spending three years of his life in hospital and confined to bed without a sense of movement for the entire duration of his hospitalization. His confidence grew steadily and was later moulded by enrolling at South Western Gauteng College from 2003 until 2004. 


Motseki attained a certificate in Fine arts at South Western Gauteng College and in 2007 he completed his three-year course in printmaking at Artist Proof Studio. He currently co-owns a professional printing studio in Soweto, and he is an Education and Training Practitioner.


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