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Isaac Kahn

Born in 1950 in Kaunas, Isaac Kahn is a Lithuanian artist. 

After having emigrated to Israel at the age of 14, Isaac Kahn studied at the Art Institute of Jerusalem, where he specialized in painting and sculpture. He also took painting lessons at the Art School of Bezalel. 

During the 70's, Isaac Kahn moved to Montevideo in Uruguay and joined the Fine Arts University, where he specialized in sculpture. At the age of 25, he did his first personal exhibition in the capital. One of his paintings was bought by the Uruguayan president's wife. 

Isaac Kahn's sculptures contain several symbols and conceptual elements. His art is comrpised of minimalist logic and dynamic forms.


Natasha’s work is found in galleries thoughout South Africa and has been exhibited in the UK, America and the Middle East.

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