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Hannes du Plessis

Born in Hennenman in the Orange Free State in 1950.

Educated at the Pretoria School of Art for advanced technical education, where he acquired the skills necessary to express his passion for life around him. Working from his studio from his studio in Johannesburg Hannes du Plessis has been creatively involved in his art since the late 70s.

Hannes believes that through observation, the spirit of a place can be portrayed creating a narrative as you filter the visual experience through your own spirit and soul, and in so doing touch the heart of the observer. 

Hannes du Plessis's Naturalistic paintings are very well received.

Hannes has progressively made his mark on the international art market, with work in private and corporate collections throughout the world. (Japan, United States, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain and Australia).

The artistswork has evolved over the years in a meaningful way to display an integrity and maturity of style and technique which underscores his commitment to his subject.

Over and above his contributions to corporate and private art collections Hannes receives commissions, parallel to his naturalistic work, for portraits of officials in government as well as a number of collectors and their families, producing some striking examples which reflect his intrinsic understanding of his subjects.

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