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Zolile Phetsane

During his studies at Wits University Phetsane explored the concept of music and fashion from the 1920’s.  

He is interested in the way music and fashion changes with time but simultaneously goes back to basics.  

Throughout his emerging career this interest in change has dwelled into contemporary topics, such as religion politics and daily consumer goods.  

Phetsane is also interested in the use of space, shape and form that he finds in his daily surrounding and sees colouras a language.  

He has taken part in numerous art competitions and participated in more than 40 local and international exhibitions and his works have been widely collected in private and public collections.


Phetsane uses colour as a language, scratching and painting on surfaces to get textured surfaces.  

He uses many layers of solid colours in pastel – creating abstract landscapes, also adding smaller texts and imagery thus creating intricate patterns and details. The artist relates objects – chairs, boxes, road signs and stairs – in his own words ‘I love playing around with objects and infuse numbers as a language or sentence from time to time and also use the last four digits of ID numbers.’  


Mathematics has been a big influence on Phetsane’s work as he believes we use it in our daily lives.

He is very interested in the role of the conscious and subconscious when producing art.  

Phetsane sees his work as a journey and a process.  In doing so the end result always speaks for itself.

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