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Joel Amit

Joel Amit was born in Jerusalem in 1982.

Since a young age he has been painting, sculpting and designing.

His passion for creating brought him to study architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, where he graduated with honors.

Joel departed from Jerusalem to the Negev desert, where he lived for five years planning and building student and artist villages.

During his time in the south, he experienced working with variety of building materials, designing new building units utilizing concrete, wood, tubes, cardboard and paper.

His interest was how to use small scraps of unclaimed material as construction materials for large-scale structures.

Joel’s search for small “pixels”, which could construct a larger form, led him to in recent years to art, this time working with metal.

Joel established his studio in Jerusalem and is currently creating and presenting a series of works he terms “pixel-art”.

This series draws its inspiration from nature, as well as from the computerized world and the doors it opens for artistic creation.

Joel finds the process of forming steel- a heavy and cold material – into butterflies, fish, birds and feathers, to be liberating one.

He expresses the values of life, love and humor into his work, always in search for an added dimension – a hidden layer and a challenge to the eye.

Joel’s sole wish is to share this with others.

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